Love From a Teacher to Families During COVID

Hey There Families!

I just want you to know that we see you. We see how you are trying to manage your home, your work, your school age child's home work, and your baby that is normally at daycare. We see how guilty you feel as your children complain that they are bored and hungry for the bajillionth time this hour. We see how you are trying to juggle schedules, meetings and dinner all while neglecting your own needs. We see that sheepish look on your face when we make our weekly phone calls or video chats and you admit that instead of working on math facts you let your child spend the first beautiful day in two weeks outside playing.

To all of which let us as educators be the first to tell you, you are doing a lovely job. We fully recognize that you did not go to school for this and you most likely have not done long division in decades. We are admiring how you are holding it all together and still managing to keep what is left of your sanity. So rest easy that we are not judging you or condemning you in the least. We fully believe that you are doing your absolute best, and to which we say thank you.

Thank you for being flexible as we change lesson plans from old school packets to virtual learning platforms. Thank you for your patience as we do our best to set up video chats and phone calls that don't always work they way we hope. Thank you for talking your kids outside to play and for making at home movie nights feel extra special. Your hard work over the past few weeks continues to keep all of us amazed.

So please know that through all of this uncertainty that we miss your kids terribly and as ready as you might be to get them back to school, we are just as ready to head back to our classrooms. Please continue to enjoy this time with your family. The standards, spelling and math facts can wait, we promise.

Sending Our Love and Admiration,

Teachers all over

Photo by @Mary_huggins_



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